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Our Dog Grooming Shop

Our Dog Grooming History

Jon 11 years Dog Grooming

Jon, our Dog Grooming Expert

In 2007, Jon and Melissa bought an existing dog grooming shop. That location had been a dog grooming salon for almost 20 years. At that time, Jon had been a dog groomer for almost 5 years. Melissa had a background in business. She too was a dog lover. 2 years later we opened our Lakewood dog grooming salon, Furtastic Pet Grooming. Furtastic Pet Grooming also now serves most of the Golden area. We are proud to now have 6 years of operating successful dog grooming shops.

Our Dog Groomers

Dog Grooming Experts

Dog Groomers Jessica, Wendy, Julie and Heather

Jon thought that it took him 5 years to truly master pet grooming. Therefore, every dog groomer has at least 5 years of hands on dog grooming experience. We also require that they  be professionally trained in the best pet grooming techniques and practices. Continuing education is also important. We want our groomers to stay at the top of their game. Each year, we attend the Denver Groomfest. They host a wide variety of seminars.  Topics include breed specific styling, new products, and safety.

Our Pet Grooming Salons

We operate a clean and climate controlled environment. Salon temperature is constantly monitored. Equipment is updated constantly to provide the best pet grooming experience possible.  Continually investing in our equipment also keeps our clients safe. We inspect and maintain all our dog grooming equipment every day. We want to make sure that our clients are always kept safe. Only the safest dryers in the industry are used. We also only use outlets equipped with 30 minute timers. This assures that our clients will not become overheated. We also meet or exceed every PACFA guideline. We are inspected at least annually by a PACFA official. Please feel free to ask for a tour of our salon. You are more than welcome to see our professional dog grooming tubs, dryers and kennels. .

We are fully licensed and insured.