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Short-Haired Dog Maintenance – Pet Health

Short-Haired Dog Grooming

BY NICOLE IPSON | February 22, 2018



It is commonly thought that a short-haired dog doesn’t need a professional groom.  When people think about grooming the first thing that comes to mind is long-haired dogs. However, your short-haired dog’s professional groom is very beneficial!

Most short-haired dogs give the impression that they don’t shed quite as much as a long-haired dog. Or that they may even be easier to bathe because of the lack of length of hair. However, a lot of owners come to find that caring for their pup or slowing the surprising amount of shed their pup has to offer can be time-consuming. There are actually several double-coated dogs that have short hair.  Dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, Pugs (Certain Types), & Chihuahuas (Certain Types). Even though a dog may not be double-coated they can still tend to shed as well. Dogs such as Jack Russell Terriers and Boston Terriers can still give their owners vacuums a run for their money.dogs

Walk-in Services Or Quarterly Grooming Can Help With Your Short-Haired Dog

Whether your short-haired dogs are large or small, getting them groomed quarterly will help with a lot of issues. Owners tend to overlook basic needs of their short-haired friends because in some ways they can be so low maintenance. Outside of bathing needs groomers also tend to see owners overlooking the need for monthly nail clipping and ear cleaning.

Short-haired floppy-eared dogs such as Basset hounds. Beagles, & Mastiffs tend to present with ear infections more often. Monthly grooming

dogsroutines can always help keep a handle on this. Even if you don’t have time to leave your short-haired dog for a full day of grooming there are options to help!

Our salon offers walk-in services for these reasons. Simple short trips to the groomer can make all the difference with your short-haired dog’s health and happiness. Walk-in services offered at our salon for your short-haired dog include:

  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Clipping & Grinding
  • Toothbrushing
  • Brushouts & More

Bring your furry friends into Furtastic today for a quick pick-me-up! Our groomers want to help make your furry family members feel their best. Whether it’s a full groom or a quick touch up there are plenty of ways we can help your short-haired dog!

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