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Pet Dental Health Is Important – Furtastic Pet Grooming

Pet Dental Health

BY NICOLE IPSON |April 19, 2018


Dental Health

Most people don’t often think of their pet’s teeth when going to the groomer, and this can be a mistake. Simple add-ons such as toothbrushing can help save your pet from painful and health-threatening diseases later in life.  

Dental health is just as important for your pet’s health as it is for yourself, but sadly, most owners do very little to help their pets in this department. Poor dental health can cause bacteria to travel into the pet’s bloodstream causing medical issues. Some of the dental diseases that can arrive range from bad breath to pus and even ulcers in the mouth.

Pet Dental Health Diseases Caused By Poor Oral Hygiene

Gingivitis: Inflammation of the gums, accompanied by bad breath.

Stomatitis: Is a severe, painful inflammation of a mouth and gums. In most cases, the condition causes ulcers to form in the mouth.  No matter the age or breed, pets can develop ulcers on the lips, tongue, gums, and back of the throat if infected.

Periodontitis: A general Dental Healthterm for a disease of the oral cavity that attacks the gum and bone and delicate tissues around the teeth.

Pyorrhea: Inflammation of the gums and tooth sockets, often leading to loosening of the teeth and accompanied by pus.

Not taking care of your pet’s dental health can lead to several issues, but our grooming salon offers a good enzymatic tooth-brushing for only $5.00! The use of enzymatic toothpaste means that we brush away anything that will come off the teeth. Enzymes in the toothpaste continue working after we are done, breaking down tartar and cleaning the gums. Also, an enzymatic spray can be used to help boost enzymes and give a minty scent to your pet’s breath. So if your furry little friend is getting smelly breath, or you notice tarter on their teeth, make sure to ask about tooth-brushing for superior pet dental health at your next groom or walk-in service.    

Stop in and see us today and let us help with your pet’s dental health!

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