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Furtastic Salon Location Has Moved

 Furtastic Salon Has Moved!

BY NICOLE IPSON | November 30, 2018




Furtastic Salon has finally found it’s new home one exit up off of Indiana. Unfortunately, during our busy season, we had to relocate our business. That being said, we are happy to announce that we now have a new salon location that we feel our customers can be proud of. We appreciate everyone’s patience with the location that our Furtastic Salon was previously at off of 6th and Simms. We understand and agree that the location was just not acceptable for the groomers working inside or the customers that trust us with their pets.

November 24th was the start to our official move. Now the previous location is empty and our new location is set up, clean and operating beautifully! We invite everyone to come out and see the new Furtastic Salon located right next door to Bono’s Italian Restaurant! Although the location has moved, the amazing groomers that were located inside of our previous location are still with us at our new location!

salonWe would also like to take a moment to thank all of the groomers for their patience in getting the new salon ready. They turned lemons into lemonade while turning out beautiful pets, and keeping customers happy; they have done an amazing job and we are so completely proud of them! A great amount of time into setting up the new salon along with Owner Melissa Tuffield. We have a strong team and family driving the force of our new Furtastic Salon and we look forward to improving even more in the future.

So with all of that in mind, again we would like to say thank you all for sticking with us. Without our hard-working groomers and our loyal and patient customers, none of this would be possible! Call us today or come on over to the new Furtastic Salon and say hi! We would love to show you the new shop that we are all extremely proud of. You can find us located at 14799 W 6th Ave Frontage Rd, Golden, CO 80401.  

Article By- © 2018, Nicole Ipson