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Siberian Husky Dogs winning co-Ms. September!

Husky Grooming



Cabo and Tigg are two gorgeous Siberian Husky Dogs, both sharing the crown of Ms. September! We had the opportunity to get to know them better by interviewing their lucky owner. Here are some of the dynamic duos answers.

  • Favorite Pastimes: Going for long walks and relaxing with family
  • Favorite Treat: Chicken!!
  • Birthdays: Tigg was born June 10th (Gemini) Cabo was born July 14th (Cancer)
  • How long have you been with your fur parent? 1.5 years


The Siberian Husky - What You Need To Know

Huskies are a breed of dog that are easily recognizable by their personalities, and often times, their coats. Often thought of as dogs who can easily withstand the cold, a husky can be an amazing pet - should you have the ability to take care of them. While amazingly friendly, they can be difficult to handle for an inexperienced dog owner. But if you are up for the task, you're in for a treat.

Siberian Husky Personalities

Often times, a husky will be rather friendly towards anyone who approaches it. They are child friendly and get along with other dogs. They are easily recognizable for being quite intelligent. However, they are escapists in their finest form, and need a sturdy fence that is in the ground if you don't want to be chasing them. They are high energy and will enjoy playing whenever the opportunity presents itself. Exercise is a must for these dogs, and cooping one up in an apartment is not a great idea. They are not prone to destroying furniture or mouthing.

Husky Grooming Tips

Huskies always tend to shed often. (This is especially prevalent when they lose their undercoats, also known as "blowing the coat". This occurs twice a year.) The shedding is controllable via brushing and deshedding treatments. If you use a brush at home, training may be necessary to get the husky comfortable with the brushing. Also, talk to your groomer about brush recommendations. A Professional Grooming is recommended at least a few times a year, especially when they lose their undercoats, as mentioned earlier. However, this schedule is not as frequent as it is for some other breeds.


Huskies are amazing, extremely energetic dogs for those who are able to take care of them. If you know how to take care of them, then you'll love having them around. Their shedding can be an annoyance if left alone, but if you take the right precautions it is easy to control.