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Miniature Poodle wins Mr. October! Meet Freddy!

Miniature Poodle of the Month



"Hi! I’m Freddy, I’m 16 and a half years old and my human has had me since I was just a pup. I’ve seen a thing or 2 in my day, but now that I have finally reached retirement, I really enjoy coming to work with my mom, mooching for treats from whoever complies and taking naps through out the day. Bananas and apples are some of my favorite foods, and I could eat them until I get sick. I hope everyone has a good as day as I have everyday! ❤️"

The Miniature Poodle - What You Need To Know

When someone mentions a poodle, most people think of a large fluffy white dog. However, poodles come in many colors - and sizes. Miniature poodles are smaller dogs with a noticeably curly coat. On top of that, they were originally bred as hunting dogs, which is surprising considering how many perceive poodles today. In fact, poodles in general were first bred in Germany, as opposed to France. So if someone tells you they have a French poodle... they're probably wrong. Regardless, these dogs are often recognizable by their curly coats, whether the coat has a clipped pattern or not.

Miniature Poodle Personalities

Miniature poodles are very intelligent and also very friendly. However, when it comes to strangers, these dogs can get a bit wary, growling at the stranger. On occasion, they will bite, however this is rather rare as it is mostly a defensive measure that they take against an unknown person or dog. It's very important to socialize them with other people and dogs to prevent these kinds of occurrences. Aside from that, these dogs are rather active dogs, and will often enjoy fetching an object or taking a walk. They do best in homes that allow them to exert their energy, even if it's only for a short while at a time.

Miniature Poodle Grooming Tips

Unfortunately, despite not being very high-maintenance in activity, they do need a lot of attention when it comes to grooming. Due to the breed's curly, thick coat, matting can and will occur, meaning daily brushing is a necessity. However, this can be changed by shortening their coat. There are a variety of different options for haircuts, and each of them has a varying degree for maintenance.


Miniature poodles are small dogs which are friendly and intelligent towards those they know and trust. However, they can get wary around strangers, but that can be easily prevented with socialization. They are rather active but can settle for short bursts of activity rather than constant play. Their curly coats need daily attention if left unclipped, and clipping can decrease the amount of maintenance required for these adorable dogs.