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Furtastic Pet Grooming

About our Dog Grooming Shampoo

Furtastic Pet Grooming has always focused on balancing price and quality. Our Pet Grooming Shampoo line is no different. We started meeting with shampoo industry chemists in early 2010. We expressed that we wanted an all natural yet top performing line of shampoos. Because we have it manufactured in a plant ourselves, we avoid the middle man markup and thus get a great product at a great price. Sounds Furtastic! It is so good that we cannot keep it to ourselves and have started selling this to other dog groomers.

  • Our Dog Grooming Shampoo Rules:

    • No Dyes
    • No Perfumes
    • Tested on People 🙂
    • Happy Pets = Happy People
Dog Grooming Shampoo

Our 1st Delivery to Vinyl Works, our awesome Graphic Deigners!

We employed some crazy concepts in our shampoo line. Our oatmeal shampoo has real oatmeal in it. Our citrus shampoo is full of citrus oil. Believe it or not, most of the grooming shampoos out there have do not contain these essentials.

We have also exactly matched a dogs Ph with the Ph of our No Tears shampoo. Not only will it not irritate the eyes or skin, it is also hypoallergenic.

Our All Purpose Shampoo is the robust formula upon which we built everything else. Our natural soaps actually trap pet odors so that they can be rinsed away in the bath. Think Fabrese..esque. We have also included some amazing dog grooming ingredients like Aloe, Chamomile, and Safflower Seed Oil.

All of our shampoos dilute 32 to 1. This means that it just takes a single 1 ounce pump to make a standard mixing bottle of shampoo. We have tried to take the guess work, danger and expense out of improperly diluting shampoos. We provide all of our dog grooming customers with 1 ounce pumps to fit on their shampoo bottles.

Coat Creme Conditioner is also currently in development and should be available this fall. We apologize for not having this great grooming shampoo addition ready for this busy season.