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About Our Grooming

Our Grooming Mission for Our Clientsgrooming

Last year we decided to make the hard choice and move our location. Our space off of Simms was working for us, however, we felt it wasn’t good enough. The shop was old and run down and we expect more for our grooming clients. So, we rebuilt and moved to our new location off of 6th & Indiana.  Now, with a new shop and pep in our step we are ready to be grooming again!

Our mission is to provide an environment for our customers and their pets that they feel they can trust for grooming. We seek to help everyone’s fur babies feel great, while treating them like our own. Helping to educate our owners is important to us, because it allows them to take the best care possible of their pets! We offer a blog where we post information about grooming, regular care, and more. This helps our clients if they have questions or are just simply curious which can be found here.

Also, we have the ability to customize our grooming salon to our clients needs. We take the time with each customer to figure out why their pet is Stressed and or nervous. Over time these pets become so much like our own that we are able to offer suggestions. Perhpas earlier times, Express grooms only, or even just their pets do better during the week. Being able to do this allows us to offer the most stress free possible groom for their pets.

We want the chance to treat your babies like our babies! Trust, Safety, Professionalism, & Quality Grooming are our top priorities. Stop in and say hi today! We would love to let you see the our new place.