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About Us

A Quick Back Groundgrooming

With a previous family tie to bring them together, Jon and Melissa saw an opportunity to create a company that helped to bring the importance of a quality grooming together with affordable pricing. They began with a single location in Aurora and would eventually expand to the Lakewood/Golden area. Furtastic would then be built from the ground up bringing beautiful haircuts for your furry friends!


Our Grooming Mission for Our Clientsgrooming

We use independent contractors in our salon! This allows us to have a more flexible and safe environment. Corporations require several dogs to be turned out every day to fill their quota. This creates a revolving door that makes it hard to for the groomer to focus on the pets needs. Without this pressure, our groomers are able to customize your pets grooming just for them. The groomers in our facilities can make more time for the animals as needed, and even set hours for high-stress dogs to come in during slow hours. The ability to do this helps the groomers to better help you and your pet with your needs.

We encourage all of our customers to let us know of any concerns they may have. The more we know about your pet’s health and habits, the better we can care for them. Please make sure to let your groomer know anything important during the check-in process!