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Siberian Husky Dogs winning co-Ms. September!

    Cabo and Tigg are two gorgeous Siberian Husky Dogs, both sharing the crown of Ms. September! We had the opportunity to get to know them better by interviewing their lucky owner. Here are some of the dynamic duos answers. Favorite Pastimes: Going for long walks and relaxing with family Favorite Treat: Chicken!! Birthdays:…

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Dog Grooming Near Me – Furtastic Pet Grooming – 303-586-5202

Dog Grooming Near Me Furtastic Pet Grooming

Have you ever asked yourself “Where could I find dog grooming near me?” It can be challenging to find a quality groomer who is professional, has great services, and is nearby. The question has numerous other individual questions tied into it, such as “Where do I start looking?”, “What methods can I use?”, and “What…

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Furtastic Salon Location Has Moved

furtastic salon

 Furtastic Salon Has Moved! BY NICOLE IPSON | November 30, 2018     Furtastic Salon has finally found it’s new home one exit up off of Indiana. Unfortunately, during our busy season, we had to relocate our business. That being said, we are happy to announce that we now have a new salon location that…

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Dog Grooming Coupons : New Maintenance Tips

pet grooming coupons

Dog Grooming Coupons and General Maintenance BY NICOLE IPSON With the school season here and everybody preparing to get their children back in their routines, it’s easy to forget about the general maintenance of our pets. However, some things you can’t ignore in order to keep your pets healthy. Here are some things to keep…

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New Location

new location

New Location – Furtastic Pet Grooming BY NICOLE IPSON | July 31, 2017   With our relocation coming soon we wanted to tell you that our new location has been chosen!  It is within a short ride and only one exit down from our current location. We did our best to keep our Salon as…

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Walk-in Dog Grooming

 Walk-in Dog Grooming BY NICOLE IPSON | June 29, 2017   The regular upkeep of your pet is always important. Sometimes keeping up with certain things such as your pet’s groom may seem like it can be a time-consuming thing. Luckily it doesn’t need to be! With a simple walk-in dog grooming service, you can…

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Furtastic Pet Grooming New Location

furtastic pet grooming new location

Furtastic Pet Grooming New Location BY NICOLE IPSON | May 18, 2018   Our salon has been growing with new clientele and loyal clients! We are more than grateful for the compassion and loyalty our customers have shown us since our transition. However, even though we have put in great effort to bring our salon up…

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Pet Dental Health Is Important – Furtastic Pet Grooming

pet dental health

Pet Dental Health BY NICOLE IPSON |April 19, 2018   Most people don’t often think of their pet’s teeth when going to the groomer, and this can be a mistake. Simple add-ons such as toothbrushing can help save your pet from painful and health-threatening diseases later in life.   Dental health is just as important for…

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Short-Haired Dog Maintenance – Pet Health

short-haired dog

Short-Haired Dog Grooming BY NICOLE IPSON | February 22, 2018   It is commonly thought that a short-haired dog doesn’t need a professional groom.  When people think about grooming the first thing that comes to mind is long-haired dogs. However, your short-haired dog’s professional groom is very beneficial! Most short-haired dogs give the impression that…

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Puppy’s First Groom – Dog Health

pet health

Puppy’s First Groom BY NICOLE IPSON | January 25, 2018   The holidays have passed and with that, you may have gotten the gift of a fluffy new pup! Read on for tips about your puppy’s first grooming.  The questions that all new puppy owners have – when do you start grooming, and when is…

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