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A Fresh New Face

For Furtastic

BY NICOLE IPSON | November 10, 2017



Heidi Furtastic Facilities Manager

Over the years we have taken great pride in bringing love and passion to our salon. With our recent changes, we vow to continue this tradition. In doing this we also want to make the salon better for everyone who walks in. Recently, Furtastic was taken over by Melissa Tuffield with the vision in mind to turn the salon into a top end salon. She also feels it is possible to do this while keeping with reasonable prices. Melissa wanted to make sure to hire someone who would have the drive and passion to make this happen. So, she hired Heidi to take care of and improve the salon for our existing and new customers.

With almost 10 years experience in the industry, Heidi has been chosen to take over making Furtastic a wonderful salon. She not only has plans to make sure to contract with new groomers that have nothing but the safety of your pets in mind, but also the highest quality grooming skills as well. She understands that your pets are part of your family and just wants to make sure that the facility they are groomed in, as well as the people that are grooming them, want nothing but to pamper and love your furry friends.

As they do, improvements take time and patience. So please bear with us as we begin to upgrade and improve the Furtastic Salon. We look forward to answering any questions that our customers may have. We would also like to thank all of our clients, old and new, for coming to our salon. More importantly for also trusting us to take the best care possible of your pets. With that said, we would like to welcome Heidi, the new Facilities Manager, to the Furtastic Salon!

The Importance of Ear Care

BY NICOLE IPSON | September 19, 2017

ear care

There are several types of dogs all over the world. While caring for each type can be different based on things such as breed & energy level there are other things that barely differ. One of these things is ear care. There are really only 4 types of ears if we break it down to the baseline. Simply put, you have:

  • Ears that stand
  • Ears that lay
  • Long haired ears
  • Short haired ears

Now, of course, these can be combo-ed a few different ways, but for simplicity sake, we will keep this very basic.

Most of the dogs that are considered “high-maintenance” for their ears, will have long hair, and ears that lay against their head. These dogs will be a higher risk for dirty ears which can lead to ear infections. However, so that we aren’t being biased, your more wrinkly breeds that have ears that lay flat (basset hounds, coonhounds, beagles) can also be high-maintenance.

ear care
Here’s what happens.
Your pet goes outside, and rolls and plays in the dirt or perhaps you live in an area that just has a lot of dust. The dirt and grime get stuck in the folds of their ears as well as the hair that grows in the ear canals. Then let’s say their ears lay flat after they are done running around. Any moisture in their ears mixed with the grime that has worked its way in and a lack of airflow due to the ears laying flat against their head creates a bacteria playground over time. Eventually, if not tended to the ears become yeasty creating an infection.

Now, some dogs are lucky and either grow no hair in their ear canals or minimal amounts. If your pet is long-haired, at this point you only have to worry about the hair surrounding the ear itself. Removing this hair and general cleaning with a dry cotton ball once a week can save you a lot of time and hassle. Not to mention trips to the vet and the cost that come along with them.

There will next be the people that say, “but my dog’s ears stand up and they are short-haired, but we still have problems.” Of course, any pet can be prone to ear troubles. This is because ears that lay flat and are hairy aren’t the only ones with risk. The creases and folds inside your pet’s ears whether they lay or stand still will hold grime. This along with your pet interacting with any kind of moisture and lack of ear cleaning can still lead to the same issues. So it’s important that you pay attention to your pet and know more about what to watch for.

Here are some signs that ear care is needed and there is something going on. Things to watch for:

  • Your pet shaking their head frequently
  • Your pet scratching at their ears
  • Redness inside the ear flap and canal
  • A “bad” smell (Usually it will smell yeasty)

If you are smelling yeast, you’ve probably past the point of being able to treat your pet yourself. Yeasty smells combined with redness and irritation are signs your pet probably already has an ear infection and needs to be treated by a vet. Again, by paying attention and being diligent you can avoid this.

Once a week wipe your pets ear out with a cotton ball, either dry or with a pet ear cleaner. If you use an ear cleaner make sure to wipe the inside dry afterward to remove excess moisture. When your pet has long hair in their ears you will need to pluck the hair before cleaning it out. If you are uncomfortable doing take them to a groomer for a walk-in service.

Save yourself trips to the vet, and your pet the pain of having infected ears. Performing ear care takes minimal amounts of time, and will help to keep your pet healthy along the way!

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The Express Pet Grooming Service

BY NICOLE IPSON | August 22, 2017

 pet grooming

Pet grooming is something that can’t be avoided for a lot of pet owners. Whether there are allergies, or the pet’s coat just needs love and attention sometimes it just can’t be ignored. With that in mind sometimes grooming can take a while to have done. The normal grooming process can take on average 3-4 hours. For some this causes a level of inconvenience that they just don’t want to deal with causing them to put grooming off. This in return can cause their pet to developing matting, rashes & dry skin along with other issues. Fear not though there is another option to help with this problem you just have to ask!

A lot of salons actually offer a process called Express Grooming. This process is made for the pet that can’t be kenneled, is over stimulated by too many other pets, or even for the owner that just needs their pet back quickly. The express groom always consist of the same services that come with a normal groom and usually cuts time from 3-4hrs down to 1-2hrs depending upon whats being done!

The Benefits
  • Less salon time

  • Your pet is the focus

  • No kenneling

  • Done from start to finish without disruption

  • Less chance of being overwhelmed by being around other pets

The Possible Downsides
  • Additional cost (Usually Around $10 More)

  • Can stress a pet that isn’t used to the process

  • The owner must be available for pick-up immediately

  • Appointments are harder to come by as it needs to be the groomers 1st pet

    (booking the appointment in advance usually clears this issue up though.)

When considering Express Pet Grooming there is something to keep in mind if you have never had this done. Consider not doing this with a new puppy/kitten who has never been groomed. There is always a chance your pet could be OK, there is also a chance it can really scare them. The main reason for this is because of the dryer that is used after the bath. The velocity dryers used for grooming can be loud and this can cause stress. So it is best to let your pet be properly introduced to the process. Taking the time to do this slowly will help in the long run to make the service easier on them!

Article By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson, Image By- © 2017, Teerawut Masawat

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 Grooming Tips To Help With The 

Check-In Process

BY NICOLE IPSON | July 26, 2017

grooming tips

     grooming tips

Taking your furry friend to the groomers can be stressful sometimes. At times, you may be asked questions that you have never been asked before. Sometimes questions can even confuse you in making a choice for what you really want. To help to clear up any confusion you may have here are some grooming tips! The next time your pet needs to be groomed you will feel more confident and prepared. Although we all want to have long flowing locks, sometimes this isn’t the best choice. You have to figure out which style is going to best suit your pet and your life style. Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a style for your pup!

  • How much time do I want to spend brushing my pet?
  • Is your pup an active out door dog? Or mostly indoor?
  • Does your pup often drag in debris from outside?
  • Is there often a lot of water dripping from their muzzle after drinking?
  • Does your pet have a high risk/ history of ear infections?

Some of these questions may seem harmless but could mean a world of difference. For example, if your pet has a high risk of ear infections you should consider having the insides of the ears shaved. This will help airflow into your pups ears to help combat future ear infections. The length of the coat is also important! If you ever find that you are leaving your pet outside more than 15 mins at a time and there is no shade you should consider never going any shorter than a 7 blade (1/8 inch) on your pet. This will help avoid possible sunburn. Tighter trims and cuts around certain areas (bloomers, tail, tummy, front feathers) of your pet will always help with them not bringing debris into your home. The same can be said for a tight trim around the muzzle so there is less water dripping on your floor!

Lastly, when checking in your pet with your groomer there can be general terms that you hear as descriptions. Some of these include Puppy cut or Teddy bear cut. These will make check-in seem more difficult. The reason for this is because these are not actually cuts. Terms like these are very general and in the end, mean very little. The most a groomer can get from these terms is that you want a shave all over, but it doesn’t give details and groomers need to know your specifics. Next time you head to the groomer try thinking about this:

  • How short do I want the ears and tail?
  • How much do I want off the body? ½ off? ¼ off? Or do I just need a clean-up trim?
  • Do I want a breed specific head? A square head? Or a round head?

Having answers to these questions will help to make your check-in process quick and far less painless. Not to mention your pup will be groomed just the way you really need them to be. So during your next visit to the salon try to remember some of these grooming tips to make life easy!

Article By- © 2017, Nicole Ipson
Images By- © 2017, & Furtastic Pet Grooming
7 Years grooming in lakewood

Furtastic Pet Grooming is Celebrating 7 Years!

Pet Grooming for 7 yearsFurtastic Pet Grooming in Lakewood is celebrating our 7th anniversary.  How is this even possible? It seems like just yesterday we were building and painting walls.

We would like to say Thank you! Thank you to everybody! Thank you to our furry friends! Thank you to our families! Thank you to our awesome groomers! Willow, Tina, Sara, Cosy and Susie

We love being a part of the Lakewood and Golden Communities. Thank you too to Foothills Animal Shelter for allowing us to give back.

We look forward to the next seven years. We hope that they are just as great.
Jon & Melissa

Dog Nails: How to cut them

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Clipping dog nails can be stressful for you as well as your dog. Good news is that you are not alone and almost every dog and their pet parent is going through the same struggle. We would like to help inform you about dog nails and the best way to clip them. You may still decide to leave this task up to us. We clip dog nails all day long and are experts.


The most important advice we can offer to help you clip dog nails is to be patient and go slow. Stay calm and collected. If you get nervous, so will your furry friend. The better experience both you and your dog have, the easier this process will be in the future. Also, gather good dog nail specific tools. You will need a dog nail clipper, dog nail file, kwikstop and plenty of treats! There are many dog nail gadgets on the market, we have not found any to live up to the hype.

Both you and your dog need to be in a comfortable position on the floor. If possible, a quiet place away from other people and pets would be preferable. A clutter free well lit environment is also best. Make sure to push back any fur so that you have a clear view of the entire dog nail.

Start with very small cuts at a 45 degree angle. In many dogs, a small white dot will appear when you are getting close the the kwik. We would be more than happy to show you what to look for if you would like to stop by the salon. Always try to avoid cutting the kwik. If you do accidentally cut the dog nail kwik, apply kwikstop and pressure until the bleeding subsides. Keep a watchful eye on any damaged dog nails for at lease a few days. Consult your veterinarian at the first sign of irritation. If your dog’s nails are over grown, it may take a few sessions to get them back under control. If any dog nails split or splinter, use the nail file to tidy up any rough edges. If any nail splits beyond the kwik, you may have to see your veterinarian to have that nail removed.

We charge between $5 and $10 to cut your dog’s nails on a walk in basis or this service is included in our grooming process. We are here to help if you need us.


Winterize Dogs

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As the leaves begin to change and fall, we are always reminded that Winter is just around the corner. Do not forget about getting your furry friends ready for winter too. We have some tips and tricks to help you winterize dogs.


How to Winterize Dogs

You may have already noticed that your double coated dog is already losing their summer coat. This seems strange. Why would you lose hair with colder weather approaching? Think of if more like they are changing their coats just as we would change to a heavier jacket. They are shedding their thin cool summer coat or a much more robust and thick winter coat. Help your dog’s shedding process with a lot of brushing. Choose a brush that will get past the top coat.  Hair in the undercoat is typically thinner and fuzzier than the topcoat. If you have a hard time determining your dogs coat and its needs, please feel free to stop by anytime and ask us about it. As a rule, undercoat rakes seem to work the best on most double coated dogs. Buy one HERE. On the next sunny day, spend a maximum of 45 minutes outside brushing your dog. Your carpets and clothes will thank you. And as always, please check your dog’s skin every few minutes for redness and irritation.

For all of your single coated dogs, brushing is still going to be the answer to a successful winter. Growing your dogs coat a little longer for the winter will help keep them warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, longer coats are harder to maintain. If you choose to utilize coats or sweaters for your furry friend, be sure to remove them often. Also, know that garments may cause your dogs coat to tangle and matt quickly.

Most of all remember to get out there and have some fun!

ATTENTION: No amount of winterization will prepare your dog for every winter condition. Please monitor the weather and your pets constantly.  Provide shelter indoors whenever possible.

Puppy Grooming – Puppy’s First Groom

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Spring time is a popular time of year for adding a puppy to your family. When researching different breeds or breed mixes, please take the time to call a local dog grooming salon for pricing. Most toy breeds need to be groomed every six to eight weeks and cost around $40-$60 each groom. This can really break the budget if you do not plan for it. Many larger sporting breeds can often go much longer between grooms. Many clients only come in a few times a year for a bath and/or deshedding service.

Puppy Grooming – What to expect


One of the first things that a puppy needs to learn, besides where to go to the bathroom, is how to be groomed. We always orient puppies to the process their first few times in our salon. Puppy grooming is a slow but ultimately rewarding process for everyone. Many times, puppies need to just check everything out. We plan extra time to let them sniff around and explore our shop (supervised). This exploration also continues on the grooming table. Taking time to say “here are the clippers” and “here is the brush” helps them feel more comfortable with what is happening.

Many time a first time puppy grooming will just be trimming the face, feet and tail. They will not look perfect. We value a pleasant experience far beyond stressing them out to get the perfect haircut. A bad experience as a puppy can take many good experience to overcome. We offer discounts for puppy grooming to make sure that you can get your puppy in for an appointment as often as possible.

Can I stay with my Puppy?

You are more than welcome to stay with your pup at their puppy grooming appointment. Do know that a puppy’s main objective is to be with their person. They may become stressed when they cannot be directly with you. Also know that puppies, like children, are much better behaved when their parent is not around. Something in their head says “I don’t know these guys, I hope they don’t plan to eat me, I better be good”.

Care Bear’s has an opening for a new groomer.

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Dog Grooming Aurora

Busy shop hiring new groomer. Must have professional dog grooming experience. Individuals without any prior experience will not be considered.

Please email, call or stop in to tell us about yourself. Only drama-free and drug-free candidates please.

Care Bear’s Pet Grooming
15113 E Hampden Ave
Aurora, CO 80014

More info:

Hello Spring! Time for shedding!

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Spring is in the air and unfortunately for a lot of you out there so is your pup’s fur. Shedding this time of year is your furry friends’ winter coat making room for a shorter lighter summer coat. All shedders (even the heaviest) can be tamed by a regular and frequent schedule of combing and brushing. There are also a few shedding products out there that help the hair follicle open and release the fur faster. As your dog grooming experts, we can solve your shedding issues and offer helpful hints for the do-it-yourselfers at home.

If you tire of having hair in your morning cereal, get out the brush or bring your dog in for a de shedding service. We have a variety of special tools and brushes that allow us to safely remove your dog’s shedding undercoat while leaving the top coat intact. When shopping for a bush to use at home, look for a rake type brush with long teeth that can penetrate your dogs top coat. Standard slicker brushes are helpful but can easily get bogged down with heavy shedders. When brushing, always periodically part your dog’s fur to inspect the skin. If your pup’s skin is starting to look red or irritated, stop brushing immediately. Give your pet a few days or a week before trying to brush again. Never brush for more than one hour at a time.

Aside from brushing, take advantage of the warmer weather and get outside. Take your pet for some much needed extra walks or to the dog park. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your favorite furry friend to get some fresh air and shed your winter weight…or fur.

More helpful hints on shedding from Dr. Smith