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Dog and Cat Grooming Customized For You!dog grooming

Here at Furtastic, we offer a variety of different services that allow us to make your dog or cat grooming experience custom. With many packages to choose from it’s easy to create the perfect combination of grooming services needed. The fully trained groomers will help to guide you through your pet check-in process with a hands-on consultation! We also offer walk-in service for the pet on the go.

Dog and Cat Grooming Packagesdog grooming

 *Services May Vary Please Speak With Your Groomer

Basic Bath
•Basic Shampoo
•Ear Cleaning
•Nail Trimming
•Gland Expression
•15 Minute Brush Out

Full-Service Groom
•Basic Shampoo
•Ear Cleaning
•Nail Trimming
•Gland Expression
•15 Minute Brush Out
•Face Feet & Fanny Trim
Premium Groom
•Basic Shampoo
•Ear Cleaning
•Nail Trimming
•Gland Expression
•15 Minute Brush Out
•Full Body Shave or Trim
Premium De-Shed
•Shampoo & Conditioner
•Ear Cleaning
•Nail Trimming
•Gland Expression
•45 Minute Brush Out
•Sanitary and Feet Trim

*Dog Grooming Pricesdog grooming

Breed Bath Only Trim Full Haircut De-Shed
Bichon Frise $32-$43 $32-$43 $45-$55 $55-$65
Chihuahua $25-$35 $30-$40 $35-$45 $35-$45
Cocker Spaniel $40-$50 $40-$50 $52-$62 $52-$62
German Shepherd $40-$50 $40-$50 $50-$60 $55-$65
Goldendoodle $40-$50 $59-$69 $75-$85 $75-$85
Golden Retriever $40-$50 $50-$60 $65-$75 $72-$82
Labradoodle $40-$50 $55-$65 $75-$85 $75-$85
Labrador Retriever $35-$45 $50-$60 $55-$65 $55-$65
Miniature Poodle $35-$45 $35-$45 $45-$55 $45-$55
Miniature Schnauzer $35-$45 $35-$45 $45-$55 $45-$55
Pomeranian $35-$45 $35-$45 $45-$55 $45-$55
Siberian Husky $55-$65 $55-$65 $65-$75 $65-$75
Shih Tzu $35-$45 $35-$45 $45-$55 $45-$55
Standard Poodle $40-$50 $50-$60 $65-$75 $65-$75
Yorkshire Terrier $35-$45 $35-$45 $45-$55 $45-$55

*Prices may vary based on coat, condition, size and temperament.

Package Add-Onsdog grooming

Shampoo Upgrades
•Holiday Scents
Conditioner Add-Ons

Additional Add-Ons
•Tooth Brushing
•Nail Grinding
•Spa Package
(Includes Upgraded
Shampoo, Conditioner,
and Teeth.)

View the list of the walk-in services available at our shop on our home page or Facebook! Drop by for any of these services or just to simply say hi, we look forward to seeing you!