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furtastic pet grooming new location

Furtastic Pet Grooming New Location

BY NICOLE IPSON | May 18, 2018



movemoveOur salon has been growing with new clientele and loyal clients! We are more than grateful for the compassion and loyalty our customers have shown us since our transition. However, even though we have put in great effort to bring our salon up to the standards we have had a few setbacks.

We would like to reassure our customers our salon is safe for our customers and their pets to be in. However, it is no longer the facility that we wish to continue to grow in. We have done our best to repair damages caused by the storms so that we can remain in the same location. Though we have put our best foot forward there have been restrictions on what we are able to do at our salon. With that in mind, we have been taking time to find a new location with better structural “bones”. In doing so, this will allow us to build a better quality new Furtastic Pet Grooming location for everyone.


Although a move date has not been set in stone due to our build-out timeline being unsure we have found a new Furtastic Pet Grooming location. Luckily we aren’t going too far! One exit up at the Indiana St & Denver W/Colorado Mills Blvd exit is where we will be located. Simply make a left as you take this exit and our salon will be located on the left corner next to Bono’s Italian Restaurant. As our progress continues in rebuilding and relocating our salon we look forward to giving updates! We will announce our move date as soon as it is set. For now, we would are looking at relocating our salon this coming summer. Thank you for your continued loyalty, patience & understanding with our salon as we attempt to correct and rebuild.

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