Winterize Dogs

How to Winterize Dogs

As the leaves begin to change and fall, we are always reminded that Winter is just around the corner. Do not forget about getting your furry friends ready for winter too. We have some tips and tricks to help you winterize dogs.

You may have already noticed that your double coated dog is already losing their summer coat. This seems strange. Why would you lose hair with colder weather approaching? Think of if more like they are changing their coats just as we would change to a heavier jacket. They are shedding their thin cool summer coat or a much more robust and thick winter coat. Help your dog’s shedding process with a lot of brushing. Choose a brush that will get past the top coat.  Hair in the undercoat is typically thinner and fuzzier than the topcoat. If you have a hard time determining your dogs coat and its needs, please feel free to stop by anytime and ask us about it. As a rule, undercoat rakes seem to work the best on most double coated dogs. On the next sunny day, spend a maximum of 45 minutes outside brushing your dog. Your carpets and clothes will thank you. And as always, please check your dog’s skin every few minutes for redness and irritation.

For all of your single coated dogs, brushing is still going to be the answer to a successful winter. Growing your dogs coat a little longer for the winter will winterize dogs and help keep them warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, longer coats are harder to maintain. If you choose to utilize coats or sweaters for your furry friend, be sure to remove them often. Also, know that garments may cause your dogs coat to tangle and matt quickly.

Most of all remember to get out there and have some fun!

ATTENTION: No amount of winterization will prepare your dog for every winter condition. Please monitor the weather and your pets constantly.  Provide shelter indoors whenever possible.