Meet Westie aka West Highland Terrier, Lucy

Westie Grooming

Lucy, a West Highland White Terrier, is 16 years old and enjoying her senior years.  She has retired from her favorite job which was chasing squirrels in her Grandma’s backyard.  Lucy joined her family as the third Westie.  She is by far the calmest and mellowest of the three.  She was raised in a condo so (other than when she was chasing squirrels) she rarely even barks.  What the world needs to know about Lucy is that she has been her mom’s constant companion and has helped her through many tough times.  When all else goes wrong—pet the dog!!!

Lucy loves motion—she rides on a four wheeler, in the basket of her mom’s bike, or in a wagon.   Her favorite food is actually a McDonald’s shamrock shake—she waits for March to come around every year.  This year in December she added Eggnog Shakes to her favorite food list.  As she is 16 and can now live dangerously, she gets a spoonful of Shamrock shake every morning after breakfast and every night after dinner.  Life is great at 16.

Lucy’s Grooming

As Lucy got older and less able to stand for long periods of time and handle stress, the groomers here took extra care to provide her with Senior Canine Care at its best. 

“We were lucky to find such great groomers for her.” 
-Jackie, Lucy’s Mom

A Short History of the Breed

West Highland White Terriers originated in Scotland. Their quick speed allows them to be agile making them great pest hunters. Having a white coat also helps the hunters that them to differentiate between them and other animals. Their bullet-shaped bodies help them squeeze into small burrows to more easily capture their prey. After squeezing into small burrows the Westie will use their sturdy tail to help back out of the burrows. Having these hunting abilities also allows them to be great pest control dogs on farms!

Grooming tips for your Westie

You can have your Westie groomed in two different ways. You can hand strip them, or you can do your average clipper cut.

Hand Stripping

The benefit of doing hand stripping is that the coat texture and color stay true. By hand stripping the dead follicles, the coat is able to maintain its fluffy undercoat while the wire topcoat regrows properly. Typically this style of grooming is best for show dogs. The process is a lot for not only your Westie but also the groomer. This in return can also mean the grooming is more costly for regular grooming. This isn’t always the case, but it is good to keep in mind.

Clipper Cut

Although hand stipping aids the coat’s natural growth, using clippers tend to be the best for most families. This allows the grooming process to be done in usually a more timely manner. Although it doesn’t remove the dead follicles, the coat will always return. The downside is the wire portion of the coat can become less prominent. This is not always the case, but it is something that can happen over time. With that in mind, the dog’s coat will still remain functional in protecting the skin from injury while insulating your pet.

Having this information will help you to decide which grooming technique is best for your West Highland White Terrier! Learn more about your terrier friend here! Curious about grooming? Check out our services to help your pup be in their best shape!