Doodle Grooming

Flash is the proud Miniature Golden doodle to pet mom, Niki. He has plenty of company among his 9 year old and 13 year old human brothers. This mini goldendoodle caught everyone’s attention right from the start as the only blonde in his litter. Flash originally hails from Indianapolis. Now, he loves to hike with his family around Golden, Colorado. Also, Flash is quite the unique swimmer. Instead of the typical doggy paddle, Flash tries to swim on top of the water. When he is not swimming, he likes car rides only if he can ride the middle console. He enjoys his quiet time snacking on peanut butter in his kong.

A Short History of the Breed

You get the best of both worlds with a minature goldendoodle as it is a mix of a minature poodle and a golden retriever. These dogs are great for company. They can also receive training for specific tasks such as therapy dogs. Goldendoodles were first bred in the 1990s in the United States. This makes them designer dogs of a sort and not fully recognized by the AKC. The mini goldendoodle typically weighs between 15 and 35 pounds. These dogs are known to be friendly as well as smart. This makes them the ideal companion dog, which is what they are most popularly bred for.

Grooming Tips for Your Goldendoodle

When it comes to grooming your pet, you will want to take them in often in order to prevent the coat from matting. This will also promote circulation in the dog as well. The groomer will either hand strip the dog or do a clipper cut. The mini goldendoodle will either have a wavy, straight, curly, or puppy coat. At the puppy stage, you will not be able to determine if your pet’s coat will turn out wavy or curly. The wavy or curly coats require daily attention, so you should ask your groomer what you can do in between cuts. The straight coat takes less time to groom and only needs attention weekly. Find tons more grooming tips here.