Shih Tzu Grooming

Millie, the Shih Tzu, is one of the sweetest, kindest pups that comes into our salon. I Shih Tzu not! Since her rescue three years ago, Millie has enjoyed a happy healthy home. Her mom lovingly calls her “Spunky Monkey” and admittedly gives her table scraps. She spends time playing with her favorite toy tennis shoes. Before then, Millie lived in the inhumane confines of a puppy mill for seven long years.

We encourage our animal-loving customers to do your research. Make sure that your furry friend comes from an upstanding breeder that respects the dignity of all animals, while also remembering that there are a lot of pets available that need good homes. Regardless of using a breeder or helping an animal in need, every Shih Tzu will for sure win over your heart.

Shih Tzus – What You Need To Know

Shih Tzu – What a strange name for this particular breed of dog. Even though the name means “little lion”, this breed’s personality has little similarity to a lion. Shih Tzus are bred solely to be companions, so they are naturally not very fierce. Rather than being hunters much like their lion namesake, these animals prefer to love. Typically, they follow their owners around wherever and whenever they can. Because of the superior companionship that Shih Tzus offer, they have made their spots on the laps of many different types of people, such as you, me, and even emperors.

Grooming and Maintenance Tips

Much-like any pet, these adorable companions need to be groomed regularly to maintain their polished look. Unlike many other dog breeds, Shih Tzus have hair and not fur. In particular, their fast-growing, silky hair is very likely to form mats and tangles. Therefore, it is important to routinely schedule baths, hair cuts, brushing, nail trimming, and more to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Read help your Shih Tzu look its best in order to learn more about your furry friend’s grooming and maintenance needs. For more information on local grooming services and deals, visit Dog Grooming Near Me and Coupons for Furtastic deals.